Youth Cannabis Diversion Program

On October 17, 2018, recreational cannabis became legal across Canada. However, provincial law (Cannabis Control Act, 2017) prohibits individuals under the age of 19 from possessing any amount of cannabis. The Youth Cannabis Diversion Program can be utilized both pre and post-charge and would serve as an alternative to issuing a ticket, fines and/or other judicial sanctions.

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About The Youth Cannabis Diversion Program

Youth Cannabis Diversion Program is designed to provide youth (age 12-18 years) with an online E-learning digital experience that educates them about the risks associated with cannabis use at their stage of development. It also provides youth with information to enhance their understanding of Ontario laws related to cannabis. It promotes confidence and self-awareness for youth to assess the impacts of cannabis use to make positive choices.


Definition of Cannabis, the Law and What It Means to You

This module defines cannabis, Ontario's new law and the impact of the new law to youth 18 years and younger.


Demonstrate a Better Understanding of Why Some Youth Use Cannabis and Why Some Youth Don’t

This module provides youth with a better understanding of why youth use cannabis and why they don’t or shouldn’t use cannabis.​


Assess the Impacts of Cannabis on Youth

This module explains how using cannabis can influence one’s health. Youth will be able to assess the impact of cannabis use on their developing body and brain.


Describe Ways to Protect Yourself From the Harms of Cannabis

This module explores strategies to achieve the goal of harm reduction and/or avoidance of continued use of cannabis. Review approaches to develop an individualized plan to achieve success from a harm reduction framework.


The Impact of Driving While Impaired by Cannabis

The Learner will be directed to one of two streams based on their age. The early adolescence stream (age 12-14 years) will focus on the risks of being a passenger in a vehicle with a driver impaired by cannabis. The adolescent stream (age 15-18 years) will examine the risks of driving while cannabis impaired, and the laws within Ontario specific to drug impairment and driving.


Who Can Refer?

Law Enforcement personnel, Prosecutors and Courts can refer youth (ages 12 – 18) who contravene Section 10 of the Cannabis Control Act, 2017 to the Youth Cannabis Diversion Program. Youth can be referred by submitting a completed referral form to Springboard.


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Youth Cannabis Diversion Program

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